Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's in NYC Revisited & Cheers to 2012

Greetings dear friends! I hope you are all enjoying yourselves as you are ringing in a blessed New Year! A few years back, my hubby & I decided on a whim to fly to New York right after Christmas so that we could literally watch the "Ball Drop" from Times Square. It was a very last minute trip, so we were lucky to have various friends & family "receive us" on the other end as we flew from one side of the country to the other.

It was lightly snowing when we arrived, and we were sooo not prepared for the weather! Our friend from college had just graduated from law school & was trying to start out his career in New York, so he let us rest our "jet-lagged" selves in his tiny {but cozy} Manhattan apartment. It was so small that the shower was in the kitchen! lol The pic above was a view from his apartment window.

After we rested a bit, we scrambled to try to find a hotel room that wasn't ridiculously expensive to stay in. After all, it was the morning of New Year's Eve, and we had to find a place somewhat close to where the "ball would be dropping." So we used one of those online companies that tell you the price, the amenities, the location, but not the hotel itself until after you "click ok!" lol And out of sheer luck, we were able to book a night at the Hilton in Times Square. Thank goodness, because we didn't want to have to keep using the subway & cabs to get from one place to another.

So after checking in, we rushed to "get in line" to where the ball would be dropping. Well, mind you it was already 6pm, and many people had already been waiting since that morning or had even stayed out over night to get the best possible front view. So needless to say that when we arrived, the area was pretty packed!

And they told us when we got there that you couldn't leave, otherwise you'd "lose your spot" since the street was blocked off. Have you ever tried waiting on the streets of New York in the dead of winter for 6 hours straight, and wearing clothes that were fit for a Southern California winter? I was soooo frozen at the end of the night, I literally thought my hands were going to fall off, they were so cold & numb! But we were determined to stick it out, and were so glad we did! :)

I admit, it's not something I'd do again - but IT IS something to experience for the first {and only} time! :) My hubby & I enjoyed the instant camaraderie that we had with those that were waiting to ring in the New Year right along with us! :) If you've ever seen the ball drop on T.V. {the concerts, etc.}, then just imagine that experience multiplied by 10 when you are in there in person!

Afterwards, the Hilton was throwing a complimentary New Year's Party with free drinks & food for those staying there, but I was so cold & exhausted that after we got to our hotel, I took a HOT shower & just wanted to stay in bed. So my sweet hubby ordered some food & bubbly for us, and we enjoyed the rest of the night relaxing in our hotel room! The blurry pic you see above was taken during our "walk back" to the hotel.

{The Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center}

The next couple of days were spent with my generous Aunt & Uncle who live in Long Island, New York. They were gracious enough to let us stay with them while we tried to explore the rest of the city, which included visiting the beautiful Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center and...


{visiting beautiful churches}

{and drinking "Dean & Deluca" Coffee, to name a few.} :)

I really wanted to go ice skating at the rink in Rockefeller Center during the day, but the lines were just ridiculously long!!! lol

My aunt & uncle then took us to the Empire State Building to see the beautiful 360 degree views of New York! This was an experience like no other! :)

We really enjoyed the gorgeous views - it was just so amazing to be that high up!!!

During our visit, my husband's cousin was also kind enough to host us with complimentary drinks at the bar that he owned in Manhattan at the time, and then invited us over for dinner afterwards at his NYC brownstone as well. I can't thank both our families and friends enough for being so hospitable during our stay!

Well my dear friends I hope you enjoyed these cheerful New Year's images! Whether you celebrate 2012 out and about, or are staying in with your loved ones - I hope you have a most blessed & wonderful New Year's! CHEERS to 2012!!!


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Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Oh my goodness ! That looks so fun! I have never been to New York! Thank you so much for following my blog and for helping me get the word out about my magazine!!!
Of course, thank you for inviting me to stop by - it's very hard for me to comment with all the kids but it's the middle of the night and no one is around to need me!
Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Angela, Parisienne Farmgirl

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Happy New Year, Jessie! Your my first fave to pop up on my sidebar in 2012!
I love New York! What a great post!
I hope to go back for a visit on our 40th wedding anniversary in 2013!
May God bless you and your family!

Anonymous said...

A very Happy New Year to you.
What a great post; I really enjoyed looking at your pics, it sounds like you had the best time. It is a few years since I have been to New York, and suddenly I have a great desire to go again. I better get saving!

jeanetteann said...

Jessie your little getaway hol sounds wonderful, Happy New Year xx jeanetteann

Kim said...

Oh my - you are one brave girl! I'm a crowd-phobe so even though I'm relatively close to NYC, I don't think it's something I'd every try. I think it's great that you and the hubs did though and your pix are awesome!
Happy to be a new follower.

Anonymous said...

Good continuation of the new year.


My Beautiful World said...

Sending you the Happiest New Year Wishes Ever my friend. I look forward to many more wonderful visits with you in 2012 xo

Always Wendy

Shannon said...

What an amazing experience and one you will remember forever! Hope you have a wonderful 2012 :)

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time on your revisited trip! Happy New Year to you!


Fresh Vanilla For C said...

That looks!!!!Looking forward to meeting up this year!!

Donna said...

I have always wanted to do this! It looks like such a magical way to bring in a new year!
Happy New Year Jessie!
hugs from here my friend!

Ellen said...

Dear Jessie. So amazing pictures! What a lovely evening you had:) sounds almost magical! I've never been to America or New York City. Sounds like a very nice city! Thank you for sharing these wonderful journeys with us:) Wish you a great new week. Hugs Ellen.

okcamp said...

Hi Jessie,
As I was watching the ball drop last night on TV, I was thinking how fun to actually be there in the crowd. Lucky you!

Let me be the first to congratulate you on winning the Annie Sloan Paint Giveaway. You are going to have so much fun!!!

That's a pretty nice way to start out the new year, don't you think?


Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Jessie, I have been to NYC for Christmas but never New Years. The city is beautiful this time of year. Sounds like a great trip except for the cold..said by a Florida girl! I hope you have a wonderful 2012.

Rachel said...

My darling Jessie, I really must say that your friendship is a rare gem in these days. Find someone like you, with a heart so full of sweetness, goodness, kindness and love is rare indeed. You are a special soul, full of love, which spreads to all around you. Thanks our Kind God for your friendship! With love, my friendship and a thousand kisses, Rachel

Rachel said...

...Smiles... Forgot to wish you and your dear family a so Happy and Wonderful New Year with all the blessings, all the love you deserve! Love, Rachel :))))))

A Cozy Cottage in the City said...

Thanks everyone for your visits & kind comments on my post - I truly appreciate it! Wishing you all a most blessed & fabulous New Year!!! :)


High Street Cottage said...

Oh I wouldn't brave that crowd myself, but you're young!
Love all the great photos of New York, Jessie, I really would love to visit there, so many cool things to do, thanks for sharing.

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hi gorgeous girlie,

I am freezing now just from reading that post!!! Brrrr!

But it looks SUCH good fun!

I've been to New York twice and I really liked it. It reminds me quite a lot of parts of London- but on a much taller scale!!

Happy New Year!


Katherines Corner said...

Wow a great way to ring in the new year. Hoping your new year is filled with HAPPY xo

Old Paper Roses said...

Dear Jessie, so great to see some new years pictures from another country!
Looks like so much fun.
Hope you and your family have a wonderful and loving New Year!

Hugs Michelle

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

I lived 15 minutes outside NYC for 30 years ... worked blocks away from Times Square for close to 9 year s... and never once attempted going in for New Year's Eve. Bravo to you and your courage!

Stacey@A Sort Of Fairytale said...

how fun! i have never been to NYC, can you believe that?! someday...
truly, i prefer to go to the west coast though!
hope you are feeling better now!!

A Perfect Gray said...

wonderful story. we did that once as well, several years ago, and I'm with you...probably wouldn't do it again. SO MANY PEOPLE. I do remember the city was absolutely deserted the next day - what a switch!

Glad to find another gray fan...donna


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