Monday, March 5, 2012

A Window of Opportunity

Hello everyone! Before I begin, I just want to thank everyone for their kind and encouraging comments / messages in regards to my last post. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support. Sometimes when we make a conscious effort to make a change in our lives, there is always so much fear & uncertainty that comes along with it. But knowing that many of you can understand and/or can relate to such experiences, really helps me feel less isolated {and less fearful}. So I thank you all again - it means so much to me to have you all as friends and supporters here in blog land!!! :)

On another note, I just wanted to briefly update you all on what has been going on over here at "A Cozy Cottage in the City!" :) Those of you who have been following my blog know that our little "fixer upper" home has been a constant work in progress. Most of it due to lack of time...and unfortunately, also due to a lack of funds {yes, that's the reality}. So, I have already come to the conclusion that patience and some diligence, is what is going to keep our projects going. Our next stop: Windows! We finally have the opportunity to replace our windows this spring {or summer}. Thank goodness, because our original ones are old, cracking, painted shut {with no screens}, and definitely NOT energy efficient {it can get really cold in the master bedroom due to the drafts!!!}! But before we replace them, there are just so many decisions to be had!!! So I hope to look to you all for your opinions and/or advice based on your own thoughts or personal experiences.

In an ideal world, I would LOVE to have these custom, wood windows from Marvin installed throughout our home! The picture above is courtesy of "A Country Farmhouse," where these windows were installed in their gorgeous dining room! But realistically, we may just install the nice wood ones in the front {if within our budget}, and then the vinyl windows in the back & sides of the home.

This past weekend we got a few estimates on our windows. One from Home Depot and another one from an independent window company. Home Depot quoted us using "Simonton Windows" which are the ones you see in the above picture. They have various styles, but I really like the "double hung" grid windows that seem to lend to the original look of our home. These of course are "vinyl windows," which are much cheaper than the "wood ones." There are also other types of "double hung" windows - like in the first picture above. That one just has grids on the top half of the "double hung" windows.

Then of course there is also the option of having 3 double hung windows side by side in various sizes. Now my question to all of you is this: would you order your windows from a large company like, Home Depot? Or would you order your windows from an independent window company? It doesn't necessarily have to be a major {and expensive} brand like "Marvin," but could be a window company that carries different brands? What would you do? And if you have had windows replaced in your home in the past - what route did you take? I just want to make sure we are getting really good quality windows, regardless of whether we use "Home Depot" or an independent window company. Also, if you live in Los Angeles and if you know of any good recommendations here - please don't hesitate to let me know. Any advice is welcome! :)

On a side note, what I really love about our front windows, is that they came with these adorable original red window boxes. :) It needs a little TLC and once we put new windows in {repaint the exterior and landcape the front}, add some trim and shutters - I think these charming little window boxes filled with lovely flowers would really add some curb appeal. :) Because if I showed you all what my front looks like in its "before" state - you would see that we are in dire need of some help! lol But I will spare you the ugly details until the "afters" come along. :)


We also have a cozy little front porch and plan to add some railings, and hope to do something like this to it:


Ahh, the inspiration that keeps me going! :) Alrighty, thanks again and I look forward to any of your thoughts and insights about this window indecision of mine! :) Until next time, have a wonderful week!



Anonymous said...

Wonderful inspiration photos Jessie!!~
I can't wait to see yours when you get them in.
I've missed you around here, but I know how busy things are right now!
Take care of yourself and have a wonderful productive week!

Anonymous said...

Lovley inspiration Jess!! Updating our home is a bit of a long progress as well, due to funds and the time.....but, I know I will appreciate it in the long run =) Have a lovely week! Xo ~Ashley

Samgoose said...

Hi Jesse, I'm loving your inspiration photos. Its a good idea to set out what you want to try to achieve in a kind of mood board that you can refer back to. I really like the half grid windows personally, and I love the idea of reusing the old window boxes - they look lovely and rustic. I think if you are trying to be economical, it doesn't matter if you buy the windows from the large home shop rather than the I dependant company. Of course its always better to support I dependant companies, but when you're trying to economies, perhaps you can support them in smaller, less expensive purchases. Sorry for the essay :-) I've also missed a few of your previous posts so just had a catch up, and wanted to say that I really hope your venture is a success. As long as you don't pressure yourself but take it as it comes, then I'm sure it will work out well.

X Sam

Samgoose said...

That should be I dependant, not I dependant - don't know what happened there!

Lynn said...

Hi Jesse, I have worked on my house for the last 3 years and I know what you are going thru. I walked on concrete floors for 6 months after ripping up carpet. Waiting on funds and deciding what I wanted. T love the pic of the double windows with the vinyl. The wood is lovely, but that has to has upkeep. Painting, because they will wear. I personlly perfer the vinyl. I also recommed double paned windows. They help with the electric bill and helps keep out "noises". Whatever you choose I am sure it will be awesome. Good luck. Hugs, Lynn

Posy and Co. said...

I (heart) nice windows. What I ADORE even more is window boxes filled with floral love. Such beautiful inspiration! Much love, Lisa

It's me said...

Hi darling...beautiful the flower pots.....wishing you a happy from

Susan said...

You sound so cheerful and upbeat about your upcoming window changes Jessie! It is exciting. I do like those ones from Home Depot (in your earlier photo). And that porch idea is so cute to have a window box on the rail.
Enjoy this fun - I don't have much advice, since our home came with fairly recent vinyl windows.
Good luck!

Cozy Little House said...

I'm behind on reading. I'll have to back up and read the last post. Sorry, don't know diddly about windows!

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

I don't know a thing about windows!
I do love the window boxes, though. I am planning on adding some to my tiny deck off of our master bedroom this spring. I can't wait to see the changes you make!


April Lou said...

Love the little window boxes. Those will be so fun! We need to replace our old and ugly metal windows from 1978. Not a great look. I can't wait to hear what happens.

Faded Plains said...

I love the windows with the grids just on the top...and windows boxes stuffed with flowers...that would look amazing!

Tricia said...

I'm loving those double hung windows in the first and second photos. Isn't it amazing how expensive windows are? My husband has put new windows in on quite a few of his projects. He usually orders them from an independent distributor or from a lumberyard. Do you have a lumberyard near you where they could work up some estimates and explain the differences between brands. We put new windows in my parents' house a few years ago and they used Anderson Windows. Marvins are also very good and we've used them before too...they're made here in Minnesota. Good luck with your project :)

TinaTx said...

We replaced all the windows (30 of them!) in our last house. We ordered the windows (vinyl) from Lowes and did the installation ourselves. We got lucky and the guy that was working in the window department at the time was knowledgeable and very helpful - he even stopped by the house when he was out making a delivery to make sure we were doing it right and give us some tips.
Good luck - you will love the new windows - not only will you reduce the drafts but the noise too! (we lived on a busy street)

Carole said...

Jessie, From what I understand, fiberglass frames are superior to wood, composite, vinyl and most hybrid frames but I'm sure sure of the cost. I would suggest you shop around and stay within your budget, just avoid aluminum frames, they are definitely not energy-efficient. I look forward to seeing what you come up with *smile* Enjoy your Sunday!

Denise at PinkPostcard. said...

Hi Jessie! Thanks for your note and visit!

If I can throw in my 2 cents on windows, here it is: we have lived in two different 1950's era homes, both with original windows. We replaced in both homes, and are so glad we did!
The wood pane windows were sooooo expensive, it wasn't even an option for us. We used a local window company, and they were fantastic. Originally we used them because we got an energy discount through our electric company and that's one they were working with. It took one day for all the old to be removed and the new replaced. In both houses (sf was around 1100-1600) it cost us around $2000 each time.

We used vinyl, and I had no complaints. I would advise you against a window company that we got a quote from the second time around- at that time they were going by the name Penguin- I think now they are Champion??? Very shady sales tactics.
anyway, hope that helps. It is so worth the investment and you will be so glad you did it!

Denise at PinkPostcard. said...

P.S. I should add that we chose double pane both times- your energy bill will be so much better, and you should be able to get a tax refund for using them next year!

June said...

Hi Jessie,
We replaced windows two years ago and went with HD only because our budget was tight. We installed them ourselves (our son is a builder) and they have done great. I dream of wood also, but for now the vinyl will have to do. We now have to replace two windows on the west side of our house, and there will be a little more work involved because I want a larger window in the kitchen over the sink.

I love window boxes. They add a ton of charm to any home!!! I love that yours are red!

Thank you for your comment! You are such a sweetheart!
hugs from here...

luci wallis said...

Well I am so happy I stumbled across your blog! Your recent post was so well written and something I can totally relate to. Look forward to following your journey.

Cottage and Broome said...

We have old windows too and choose to put on new storm window. Our are they original glass and luckily ours were not painted shut. Good Luck, thanks for stopping by, Laura

Melissah said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes & I love all the inspiration - windows make all the difference to the overall look of a house.
Melissah from Country style Chic

Witha said...

Lovely inspiration! Thanks for sharing with us.

I'm your new follower on Linky now. Hope you can follow me back

Witha @

Alejamuel Sultz said...

Your inspirational window photos are great! I love bay windows because you can enjoy the view from the outside. They also add beauty and personality to your home. I like the window in the fourth photo; this window type allows you to connect with nature just by looking outside. The plant boxes add vibrancy to your home.

Alejamuel Sultz

Marla Hinds said...

While wooden windows are definitely very beautiful and very homey, their location is very important. Since wood is still susceptible to weather and water damage, it’s best to have wooden windows where you’re sure they’ll never be reached by rain or water. Window locations that are more prone to rain should have metal or steel windows instead.

Marla Hinds

Danielle Bailey said...

Custom wood windows are definitely beautiful, especially if you will install them in your entire house. It’s good to have uniform windows all over. It creates balance and provides curb appeal to the house. +Danielle Bailey


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