Friday, February 15, 2013

February Hearts, Sweets & Blooms.

Hello everyone! I know I'm a little late, but I would like to wish everyone a Happy Belated Valentine's Day! I truly hope you all had a wonderful day with your loved ones.

I worked on a few fun crafts for the month of February, so thought I'd share what I have been up to.

So what do you do with 2 bags of conversation hearts, a green floral foam painted with white acrylic, a glue gun, and some blooms?

Well, you make a "conversation heart" cake!

Last Christmas, I bought a green floral foam at the dollar tree and painted it white with some acrylic craft paint that I had lying around {but I don't really recommend going that route as it took forever to dry since the foam is so porous...but I'm so cheap, I didn't want to spend more than a dollar to purchase a real styrofoam ring!}.

I had the intention of making a peppermint wreath per Maria's inspiration at Dreamy Whites, but I could NOT find my glue gun for the life of me, so that project kind of went on a standstill.

But lo and behold, I finally found my glue gun!

So I decided to make a "cake" instead of a wreath for Valentine's! I glued the top, bottom and insides of the wreath with hearts, which took a few hours but it was super easy and fun!

Placed the "cake" on a white cake platter...

Then added some blooms, and voila ~ we now have a decorated "Conversation Heart" cake that is both festive and fun!

My little one and I also had some fun making cute little designs with some ice cream flavored conversation hearts, such as this:

"Chocolate" for the cone, scoops of "strawberry & vanilla," with a "cherry" on top! lol

I then put the rest of the unused hearts in this glass container on my mantel for some fun pops of color! :)

Next up is baking! Yes, I do have a sweet tooth ~ so I decided to make some yummy vegan treats for myself and my boys who love sweets just as much as I do!

It's hard to believe that these recipes do not have any butter or eggs in them, yet are as decadent as can be! With some unsweetened cocoa powder, dairy free semi-sweet chocolate chips, and a bag of frozen raspberries {plus other easy ingredients}...

One can easily make a luscious chocolate cake filled with "molten" chocolate, and topped with powdered sugar and delicious raspberry sauce! My boys who are meat and dairy lovers had no clue this was vegan until I told them after they had devoured it all in one sitting!

I also made some "cuppy cakes!" Yes, I always have to bake pink cupcakes every year for Valentine's, and this year was no exception!

With the help of some cute paper baking cups {purchased for $1.99 a pack at Home Goods}, the cupcakes have an all the more cuter presentation! Plus there is no need for a cupcake pan! :)

This dessert is also vegan {frosting and all!}: Rosewater Pistachio Cupcakes with pale pink buttercream frosting, and topped with chopped pistachios and pink crystal sprinkles!

And the sweets don't really end there! lol For Valentine's Day, my sweet hubby and I enjoyed lunch together at a local cafe where afterwards I took home some lovely heart-shaped macarons.

These flavors are Strawberry & Espresso Creme!

My hubby was so sweet enough to also surprise me with the new JDL Easter Book that he purchased from Tracey at French Larkspur, for an early Vday gift! I thought it was so thoughtful of him to notice the things I have my eye on {thanks honey!!!}. :)

He also surprised me with a box of truffles and these lovely ivory & pale pink blooms when I woke up on Valentine's Day morning.

I just can't tell you enough at how blooms such as these make me extremely giddy & happy! :)

Well that just about concludes my little update on the month of February in a nutshell! I hope this post doesn't seem too rushed. I'll try to post closer together with more details next time!

In the meanwhile, THANK YOU all for still "hanging around" and for continuing to visit my page, and leaving me such kind and thoughtful comments. I truly appreciate and treasure each and every one!!! Until next time, enjoy your upcoming weekend!



It's me said...

Wowww Jessie...what a lovely post !!.....enjoy the book...that lovely sweet heart cake is really nice !!!...lovely

Fresh Vanilla For C said...

What a fun post!! Love it all and it all looks so yummy! I think if I had the conversation heart cake in my house, my kids would try and eat it...glue or no glue;))

Where did you get those adorable tins?? The ones that say Sweets and Cakes?? LOVE them!

Hope you have a great weekend!
xo~ Cheryl

Rozmeen said...

Beautiful!! And they look sooooo tasty.

Have a nice weekend.
xoxo Rozmeen

House of Seasons said...

I love your cake with the little hearts, there is always a bowl on my counter with the candyhearts!
from holland

House of Seasons said...

I love your cake with the little hearts, there is always a bowl on my counter with the candyhearts!
from holland

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea Jessie!! I love the cake you made!!
And what beautiful things that your sweet hubby gave you!!
So glad you had such a wonderful Valentine's day my friend!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Susan Shull said...

All of your crafts are so cute...and those cupcake papers are adorable. Love your flower pics!

June said...

Jessie you made the loveliest things for Valentine's Day! AND you got wonderful things from your sweetheart. I adore the conversation heart cake!
hugs from me...

The Blue Farmhouse said...

I love those paper baking cups!


{oc cottage} said...

LOVE the cake!!!! just adorable!!! {and off to buy the jdl book, right now! ;}

m ^..^

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

Hi Jessie! Gosh, my mouth is watering at all these decadent treats. You are so clever to think of that heart candy cake. And I adore those cupcake holders you got at Home Goods.
Have a great week!
xo, Susan

Tricia said...

My goodness, you're so creative! I would've never been able to make that cake since those little hearts would've gotten all gobbled up. Your cupcakes look so delicious and pretty too! What cute little flowered cups :)


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