Friday, July 27, 2012

Whites in the Kitchen

Happy Friday friends!

Today I am officially done with my finals, so I'm hoping to finish up some loose ends regarding some home projects before I start again for the Fall Semester {which is much sooner rather than later}.

But thought I'd share two sneak peek pics of our newly painted kitchen cabinets.

If you recall, this was an ongoing {off & on} project that I started late last Fall...but wasn't completely finished until last month.

There is still some "tweaking" that needs to get done in our kitchen, so until it's all done, these two pics will do for now. ;)

Here are photos of part of the upper & lower cabinets. Yes, those are brushed nickel pulls paired with vintage inspired glass knobs!

We are going to install white subway tiles for the backsplash, amongst a few other minor details that need to be completed.

But I am really loving the white cabinets so far! It really opens up our tiny cozy kitchen! ;)

Anyway, before I end this brief post thought I'd leave you with a photo of a cake that I made for my son's 13th birthday a few years ago. ;)

He will be turning 16 really soon... **sigh** They grow up way too fast. :(

I came across this while organizing my files and it really put me in a "baking mood!" :)

This is a simple triple layer, classic genoise cake with pastry cream & fresh strawberry filling with homemade whipped cream topping because he requested "something strawberry" {as he puts it}.

What will you be doing this weekend? I'll probably be in the kitchen baking something sweet, because I can never resist! :)

Thank you once again for taking the time to visit my page and/or leaving me a comment, I always truly appreciate it!

Take care everyone and have a wonderful day!


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Pamela Bates said...

cabinets look fabulous! so does that cake. this weekend, working with my husband organizing his our shed. might be attending a b day part of a friend and if we can squeeze a campfire in, that would be grand. enjoy yours. and whoopee on the finals being done!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessie,
The kitchen is turning out beautifully!!!
And that cake looks delicious! I have been in a baking mood lately as well. I made a tart and homemade cookies the other night, But now I thing I need to bake a cake! :)
I would love to have your recipe for this cake, if you don't mind sharing, it looks so good!
I can't wait to see you in Sept.
Take care and congrats on you finishing your finals.

It's me said...

Love that cake !! your cabinets too...enjoy summer from Holland....from

Cozy Little House said...

That cook looks phenomenally delicious! I imagine I'll be laid up on the bed as usual these days with my ankle healing.

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Everything looks clean and fresh! Now I want cake:) Happy birthday to your son!

A Cozy Cottage in the City said...

Thank you everyone for the sweet comments! ;)

@Pam - your weekend sounds eventful - have a good one! ;)

@Melinda - I'll try to post the recipe for this asap! Can't wait to have lunch & go vintage shopping w/you!! ;)

@Ria - You are always so sweet to visit me! Have a lovely weekend, my friend!

@Brenda - Thanks for your visit here - and I do hope your ankle feels better! ;)

@Sandy - thanks for the early bday wishes for my son. He'll be turning 16 this September! ;)

Have a great weekend everyone! :)


Katherine said...

Was just baking myself! :) I love yours, so delicious looking! :D And your cupboards are just the sweetest! Love that style!

Town and Country Gals said...

your cabinets look wonderful! Whiter is my favorite, can't wait to see them when they are done! Enjoy your break from school, it'll go by fast!

awal.ny said...

Your kitchen look great so far, I can't wait to see it all. This weekend I am outside enjoying our wonderful summer, baseball, swimming and bbq. It doesn't get any better.

Bumpkin Bears said...

Your cabinets look lovely and mmmmm that cake makes me want to bake too! Nice to have visited. X

A Cozy Cottage in the City said...

Thank you ladies for dropping in to comment! :) Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!



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